Kubernetes: v1.19.0-rc.2 Release

Release date:
July 21, 2020
Previous version:
v1.19.0-rc.1 (released July 14, 2020)
14,336 Line Impact
33 total committers
Data confidence:

50 Features Released with v1.19.0-rc.2

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Release Notes Published

See kubernetes-announce@ and CHANGELOG/CHANGELOG-1.19.md for details.

SHA256 for kubernetes.tar.gz: ee662efa87b335cd78957f4f34f32430f04355bdf47a0cfaaf0f2eb0e85ed061 SHA512 for kubernetes.tar.gz: 7a9fa6af3772be18f8c427d8b96836bd77e271a08fffeba92d01b3fac4bd69d2be1bbc404cdd4fc259dda42b16790a7943eddb7c889b918d7631857e127a724c

Additional binary downloads are linked in the CHANGELOG/CHANGELOG-1.19.md.