Kubernetes: v1.20.0-alpha.3 Release

Release date:
October 20, 2020
Previous version:
v1.20.0-alpha.2 (released October 22, 2020)
15,115 Line Impact
66 total committers
Data confidence:

99 Features Released with v1.20.0-alpha.3

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Release Notes Published

See kubernetes-announce@ and CHANGELOG/CHANGELOG-1.20.md for details.

SHA256 for kubernetes.tar.gz: 1b27bd1b08acd79742e8f37028c1f8dcc2ccc08c046e77d49396d46cbecd1355 SHA512 for kubernetes.tar.gz: 542cc9e0cd97732020491456402b6e2b4f54f2714007ee1374a7d363663a1b41e82b50886176a5313aaccfbfd4df2bc611d6b32d19961cdc98b5821b75d6b17c

Additional binary downloads are linked in the CHANGELOG/CHANGELOG-1.20.md.