Magma: v1.3.2 Release

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December 4, 2020
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v1.3.1 (released November 20, 2020)
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Release Notes Published

Durango Maintenance Release Notes


This minor release for Magma contains fixes for some known issues affecting the stability and usability of the v1.3 and v1.3.1 releases of Durango. See the release page for more information.

Known Issues

  • Fresh installation of v1.3.2 may require a manual reboot at the end of the install script. The following error is benign and the user should continue to reboot the gateway to bring up the magma services. A full output of a successful AGW install can be seen here.
Dec 04 00:24:42 mag1 systemd[1]: agw_installation.service: Failed with result 'timeout'.
  • Currently deployments using the etagecom aptly repo will have to make a change to the debian apt repository to be able to pull down the latest 1.3.2 AGW image. Instead of using deb stretch-stable main AGWs should be configured to use deb stretch-1.3.2 main. After this an apt update && apt upgrade magma should install v1.3.2 on the gateway.

Upgrade Notes

Orc8r Upgrade

  • Helm version - 1.4.36 (no change)
  • Orc8r version - 1.3.2 (new)

Build new images Follow documentation to build and push packages to an image repository.

  • Replace MAGMA_TAG while building and tagging images:

export MAGMA_TAG=1.3.2-master

  • Prior to running terraform commands, in update orc8r_tag to “1.3.2-master”. Helm version should stay the same as 1.4.36.

*terraform init*
*terraform plan*
*terraform apply*

AGW Upgrade

Upgrade for AGW will be slightly different and will need to be done on the CLI.

  • Download the “” bash script located at ‘lte/gateway/release/' and run it as follows. The script will update your local apt repository to the latest one.
    ./ 1.3.2

This should change the source.list.d entry for the AGW image.

  • Go to the NMS > Equipment > Upgrade and enter 1.3.2-1607014227-1462d960 into the tier that manages the AGWs. This change should be streamed to the device and magmad should start the upgrade process.
  • If the above is not desired, a similar outcome can be achieved by typing apt upgrade magma after running the bash script noted above.

Critical bug fixes

  • Fixed memory leaks in stateless MME (#3508)
  • Fixed Stateless test for MME restart after multi UE attach (#3634)
  • Added a fix to properly handle the expiry of the T3489 timer (#3818)
  • Added another fix to properly handle the T3422 timer while the MME restarts (#3605)
  • Fixed an issue impacting the unmanaged eNB feature where eNB edits fail with ‘config not found’ error (#3676)
  • Fixed another issue affecting the unmanaged eNB feature where eNB validation appears broken (#3675)
  • Added a script that allows you to change the version of the registry in order to install a magma (#3892)

Other fixes

  • Fixed a bug in GRPC error handling (#3368)
  • Add log aggregation support for docker gateways (#3145)
  • Add support for device properties IE (#3723)