Magma: v1.5.3 Release

Release date:
September 9, 2021
Previous version:
v1.5.2 (released June 25, 2021)
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48 total committers
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Authored August 2, 2021

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Release Notes Published


This minor release for the Magma v1.5 release contains fixes for some known issues reported for the v1.5 release. See the release page and test report for more information.

Fresh Installation

For fresh gateway installs, please use the following install scripts. Note that the install scripts vary by the OS used for the gateway.

Ubuntu Install Script

# Install Magma 
chmod +x
bash ./

Debian Install Script

# Install Magma 
chmod +x
bash ./

Image Version

  • Ubuntu > 1.5.3-1631131046-89c90f6d
  • Debian > 1.5.3-1631058504-93f5d781

Upgrade Notes

Access Gateway

Repo Change - In Magma Fuji (v1.5), Magma artifacts are now hosted on the new Magma core repositories. Gateways migrating from older Magma releases should update the repo in magma list.

Ubuntu Add the following to /etc/apt/sources.list.d/magma.list deb focal-1.5.3 main ```

Upgrade Magma

apt update apt upgrade magma ```

Debian Add the following to /etc/apt/sources.list.d/magma.list deb stretch-1.5.3 main ```

Upgrade Magma

apt update apt upgrade magma -o Dpkg::Options::="--force-overwrite" ```

Critical bug fixes

  • Fix match for uplink egress flows which could result in mismatched VLAN flows (#7752)
  • Fix for mme crash observed after the execution of TC and also the root cause of the issue (#6977, #7941)
  • Fix GUTI stale entries, showing up in scaling tests where the systems ends up in duplicate attach requests and ignoring legitimate users (#7721, #7926)
  • Fix to handle attach with unknown GUTI (#8007)
  • Fixed automatic bring up of SGi interface on AGW reboot (#8169)
  • Fix memory leak in TAU procedure (#8279)
  • Move MME and eNB stats handling to service303 thread (#8307)
  • Added asserts on single thread exits (#8455, #8480)
  • Removed auto interface bring-up to prevent recursion errors (#8477)
  • Fixed memory leaks observed during network initiated dedicated bearer deactivation procedure (#8417)
  • Added fix to close latest OF connection on OpenFlowController (#8519)
  • Free bstring field for ICS response (#8517)
  • Removed origin-state-id avp. Per 3GPP TS 129 272 V15.4.0 origin-state-id avp should not be included in any of the s6a messages (#8582)
  • Free esmmessagecontainer on attach reject proc (#8594, #8635)
  • Mitigate timer expiration handler with invalid UE context causes MME app thread exit (#8648)
  • Fixed aiohttpd debian dependency (#8734)
  • Increased value of default_requested_units on sessiond from 200kb to 10mb. (#8671)
  • To support some specific vendors we need to set Service Requested Unit AVP as empty. Added a flag to session_proxy service to disable that AVP (#8697)
  • Fixed NAS common procedure check segfaults (#8808, #8811)
  • Fixed monitord too many opened files error (#8810, #8812)