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September 13, 2022
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v1.8.0-rc1 (released September 13, 2022)
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Release Notes Published

Introduction The 1.8.0 release supports AGW on Arm architecture, adds new features and fixes some of the known issues with previous releases. Please see the test report for more information. Note that new features follow these maturity definitions as it pertains to alpha, beta, or GA.

Key Features and Improvements

Containerized AGW enablement on Arm architecture (Alpha)

Containerized AGW docker image build is enabled on aarch64.

Containerized AGW build job is added in Magma CI.

Documented the steps to bring up containerized AGW

Documented the steps to build containerized AGW

AWS Arm Graviton2 LTE test with srsRAN: Performed LTE traffic test from UE to Internet using srsRAN UE/eNodeb. Ran containerized AGW image on AWS graviton2 instance with kernel 5.4.0-1017-aws.

Sercomm Real Radio LTE test: UE Attach/Detach, data service (speedtest, iperf tcp/udp) is performed using Sercomm Englewood Radio with containerized AGW image running on Sercomm Bridgecolumn (NXP Arm LS1046 based device) with kernel 5.4.47-rt.

Connect 5G's LTE and 5G SA tests on Nexcom DTA 1376 systems (NXP Arm LS1046A 4-core Cortex-A72 based device):

  1. 5G SA Live radio test: Tested 5G SA with a T1 radio and BEC 8230 CPE using v1.8 image. Note: 1.8 image required additional fixes due to the known issue After a workaround for the defect was applied, the CPE attached successfully. Traffic flow was verified with ping to gtp_br0 ( and to Cloudfire (
  2. 5G SA test using UERANSIM: Ping test to gtp_br0 ( and to Cloudfire ( passed with workarounds. Note: To pass the test, a series of restarts of the containers is needed to update the configurations, followed by a reboot of the device. In addition, due to the defect the gNB should not populate the time stamp field.
  3. LTE test using srsRAN: Tested 1.8 AGW docker image on Nexcom DTA1376 with kernel 5.4.47 (Based on Ubuntu 20.04 LSDK image). Ping test with srsRAN UE/eNodeb simulator worked for 24 hours, both on internal interfaces and to internet site.

Connect 5G's LTE and 5G SA tests on Mac Mini Apple M1 with Parallels VM:

  1. LTE test passed with srsRAN, UE attached successfully. Ping to internal gtp_br0 ( and to Cloudfire ( passed successfully.
  2. UERANSIM based 5G test passed with workaround Ping to internal gtp_br0 ( and Cloudfire ( passed successfully.

Hawkeye LTE test:

  1. Tested 1.8 AGW docker image on HK-6050 (NXP Arm LS1043A based device) with 5.4.47 kernel (Based on Ubuntu 20.04 LSDK image). UE Attach and traffic test using iperf is performed using srsRAN UE/eNodeb simulator.
  2. Tested 1.8 AGW docker image on HK-6010 with 5.4.47 kernel. Integration test passed with Sercomm SCE4255W small cell.

Ampere bring up in Carnegie Mellon University: Successfully brought up containerized 1.8 AGW on Arm64 Ampere server in Carnegie Mellon University Living Edge Lab. Successful means full deployment in a KVM VM on the server with successful check-in into 1.8 Orc8r in remote AWS instance.

5G SA Fixed Wireless Access (GA)

Building on top of the existing 1.7 release, 5G SA has been tested extensively on open source, commercial simulators as well as on real gnb and UE devices. A couple of new features have been added to provide enhanced security, quality of service (QoS), and other features in addition to recoverability in the event of restarts. Starting this release, 5G core also supports Ipv4/IPv6 dual stack of User Equipment or CPE devices. Key features included as part of the current release:

SUCI Extensions: Support registration of UE/CPE with concealed identity (Subscription Concealed Identifier). IPv6 & Dual IPv4v6 support: Support for IPv6 and IPv4v6 sessions for the UE/CPE. Stateless feature for 5G Core (recovery in the event of restarts). 5G QoS: Quality of Service configuration and support for PDU sessions. Network initiated Session Modification: Dynamic configuration of QoS parameter for the PDU session. QoS Flow Identifier (QFI) to flow mapping as part of GTP extension header processing. These features are built on top of existing 5G SA features delivered as part of 1.7 (Mobile Management, Session management, etc.) .

CI Testing Results

Hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) 4G : Sanity, Availability, Performance, 5G-SA : Sanity, Availability, Performance, Features

Feature Testing 4G

Test-Report Test-Logs 5G-SA

Test-Report Test-Logs

Field Test

Known Issues

4G TeraVM based feature tests are not done as part of Release testing 3rd party deb packages and OVS packages are manually uploaded in magma artifactory. CI automation will happen post 1.8 release. - two non sanity tests failing vs 1.8 .deb environment AGW container environment is missing ryu patch - log-level from error to info for one statement 5G Tests : Session-Modification is not working as expected while triggering network session modification for reject scenarios 5G Tests : Session-Modification issues with policy cleanup 5G Tests : Traffic not resumed when services are restarted with few qos policies 5G Tests : Multiple QoS Flow descriptors attached to Subscriberdb not working as expected 5G Tests: MSIN in BCD format is not provided for encryption by spirent 5G Tests: Handling of reject from Mobilityd when static-ip configuration is conflicting with IP-POOL Config 5G Tests: SUCI Registration with Profile-B is failing while key length greater than 32 bytes 5G Tests : Support for SUCI-Profile Encryption in case of Identity-Procedure 5G Tests: 5G can't handle userLocationInformation NR timestamp field Federation Gateway, Carrier Wifi Access Gateway and Domain proxy modules are not tested as part of the current 1.8 release. While running the script "" mentioned in , netplan config might not take into effect on some of the systems. Manual netplan config will resolve the issue. Mobilityd-Restart: mobility can not be cleanly restarted if there is no ipv6 interface defined Docker based testing for x86 has gone through basic sanity tests. Complete coverage is planned for the upcoming releases.

Access Gateway Upgrade Logs 1.7.0 > 1.8.0

ORC8R Sanity Test Logs

What's Changed

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