TensorFlow: v2.10.1 Release

Release date:
November 15, 2022
Previous version:
v2.10.0 (released September 2, 2022)
1,132 Diff Delta
16 total committers
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61 Features Released with v2.10.1

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Release 2.10.1

This release introduces several vulnerability fixes: * Fixes an OOB seg fault in DynamicStitch due to missing validation (CVE-2022-41883) * Fixes an overflow in tf.keras.losses.poisson (CVE-2022-41887) * Fixes a heap OOB failure in ThreadUnsafeUnigramCandidateSampler caused by missing validation (CVE-2022-41880) * Fixes a segfault in ndarray_tensor_bridge (CVE-2022-41884) * Fixes an overflow in FusedResizeAndPadConv2D (CVE-2022-41885) * Fixes a overflow in ImageProjectiveTransformV2 (CVE-2022-41886) * Fixes an FPE in tf.image.generate_bounding_box_proposals on GPU (CVE-2022-41888) * Fixes a segfault in pywrap_tfe_src caused by invalid attributes (CVE-2022-41889) * Fixes a CHECK fail in BCast (CVE-2022-41890) * Fixes a segfault in TensorListConcat (CVE-2022-41891) * Fixes a CHECK_EQ fail in TensorListResize (CVE-2022-41893) * Fixes an overflow in CONV_3D_TRANSPOSE on TFLite (CVE-2022-41894) * Fixes a heap OOB in MirrorPadGrad (CVE-2022-41895) * Fixes a crash in Mfcc (CVE-2022-41896) * Fixes a heap OOB in FractionalMaxPoolGrad (CVE-2022-41897) * Fixes a CHECK fail in SparseFillEmptyRowsGrad (CVE-2022-41898) * Fixes a CHECK fail in SdcaOptimizer (CVE-2022-41899) * Fixes a heap OOB in FractionalAvgPool and FractionalMaxPool(CVE-2022-41900) * Fixes a CHECK_EQ in SparseMatrixNNZ (CVE-2022-41901) * Fixes an OOB write in grappler (CVE-2022-41902) * Fixes a overflow in ResizeNearestNeighborGrad (CVE-2022-41907) * Fixes a CHECK fail in PyFunc (CVE-2022-41908) * Fixes a segfault in CompositeTensorVariantToComponents (CVE-2022-41909) * Fixes a invalid char to bool conversion in printing a tensor (CVE-2022-41911) * Fixes a heap overflow in QuantizeAndDequantizeV2 (CVE-2022-41910) * Fixes a CHECK failure in SobolSample via missing validation (CVE-2022-35935) * Fixes a CHECK fail in TensorListScatter and TensorListScatterV2 in eager mode (CVE-2022-35935)