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Are you a Technology Consultant, Blogger, Speaker, or other thought leader with a stake in helping technology companies run better? GitClear has built an engineering insights tool with demonstrably higher data quality than competing products.

Here are some ways that customers use GitClear:

  • Find relevant domain experts on the team. To get help with high-import tickets, and to get the right people in the interview room when hiring.
  • Compare performance to industry leaders. GitClear analyzes developers across industry leaders, including Google, Microsoft, and Facebook. Assess how a team's habits & throughput statistically compare to industry bellwethers.
  • How does recent hire performance compare to past hires?. Why wait 3 months to help a struggling developer? GitClear can start generating data on a new hire from the first week they're hired. Each week, we illuminate how a new hire's performance compares to past hires at equivalent points in their tenure.

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Our Partners Program offers up to 50% of our first year revenue for any new customer who joins GitClear using your partner affiliate code. Here is the current GitClear pricing to forecast how the numbers would look on a per-acquisition basis. In short, a qualified consultant who introduced a 100 developer company to GitClear would stand to earn up to $2,000 over the course of the next year (depending on discounts offered to customer), while helping that company unlock the highest quality performance data.

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If you'd like to join our Partner Program, please apply below to receive a referral code. We'll also offer customers a 10% discount for using your code.

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