Comparing GitClear to Code Climate

A September 2023 analysis including pricing, screenshots, and data

GitClear and Code Climate are the two longest-running companies working at Developer Analytics. Both companies began development in 2016, but in the years since, the companies have increasingly diverged in their vision for how developer metrics can create a better engineering culture.

Similarities between Code Climate and GitClear

Earned respect

Thousands of engineering managers rely on each product


Both companies treat data security as priority #1

Developer Analytics

Both tell stories by matching git history to issue tracking signals

A few reasons customers choose GitClear

1. Flexible, product-driven pricing

A sales-driven company is more expensive than a product-driven company. This makes GitClear a more appealing option for companies sensitive to annual costs.

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2. Developer-powered vs. Manager-powered

GitClear bills itself as "the most developer-friendly analytics tool," and it requires that developers grant permission to those who want to filter on their individual stats. No other Developer Analytics tool gives developers control over who views their data.

Every developer has dealt with a Bad Manager at some point in their career, so the burden is on the tool to prove that those managers won't use it against the creators. Several pages of Code Climate promote the comparison of individuals based on metrics of debatable value.

3. Pinpoint Tech Debt

Actionability of data matters. That's why GitClear helps pinpoint directories that have slowed down developers who dared wade into them. Only GitClear allows you to utilize a substantiated metric to decide upon which directories to prioritize when you decide it's time to pick up the development pace.

4. Perfect for developer self-optimization

GitClear was originally built for developers that have a self-interest in improving: the developers in a startup. Anyone in a small company understands how the business will live or die based on the rate at which code changes can be deployed.

5. Empirically validated

Code Climate Velocity derives measurements by analyzing git's reporting of Lines of Code and Commit Count. The data that can be gleaned from these sources is prone to bursts of noise. GitClear's Diff Delta metric has been empirically proven to correlate better with code evolution than Lines of Code or Commit Count.

5.5 Rapid setup, no process changes

To reap the full benefit of Code Climate Velocity requires training a team to participate in a specific regimen that allows the software to generate data.

In contrast, GitClear was built to "Just Work™️". You log in, choose which repos to import, optionally connect to Jira, and wait a few hours. No credit card or no sales demo necessary. Once you see your data through GitClear, you'll realize why we grew more than 4x in 2021 alone.

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