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Developer performance measurement and code review, built to harness your team's full potential.

GitClear reviews and summarizes your code, teasing out the fraction of work that has a meaningful impact on the code base.
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Developer performance metrics

Built to amplify the bang-per-buck of your engineering budget. GitClear analyzes Git repositories to calculate team output and actionable opportunities. Our Line Impact metric adds a new dimension to code review and analysis - it's the natural companion for anyone who reads code. For managers, our performance metrics offer visibility into what's getting done in the code, and by who. You could use it to discover your team's most productive hour of the week (hint: it's probably on Tuesday morning), but that's a small slice of the picture:

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GitClear has been an invaluable tool for us as it allows my leadership team to have in-depth insight into the performance of their developers who are geographically spread through out the world. I would have far less confidence in my understanding of my organization without it.
- Rocket Williams, VP Engineering at Trintech

Code review, reimagined

Whether you're a Senior Developer responsible for maintaining code quality, a developer that enjoys learning new techniques from their peers, or just a curious Project Manager who wants to see which Jiras are currently underway - life for code reviewers gets a whole lot easier with GitClear.

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GitClear makes software development work in Stampede Solution more measurable. We are able to recognize our top developers and help those who aren't contributing as much as they should. It helps inspire the entire team to get more work done with actionable insights and reliable information.
- Derek Chan, Engineering Manager at Stampede Solution

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