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Next-level software developer metrics, powered by a code review tool unlike any other. GitClear helps engineering teams work together to track Google DORA stats, reduce tech debt and ship faster.

It's hard to think of a single engineering manager I've worked with who wouldn't love to get their hands on reports like these.
Greg Thomas, CTO and Author
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GitClear summarizes your code, teasing out the fraction of work that has a meaningful impact on the code base.

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GitClear amplifies how much software teams get done. We analyze git commits to simplify code review, identify tech debt, and promote subject matter expertise. GitClear separates from the competition through its detailed analysis of data quality factors, some of which can lead to data pollution.

When you need code insights that your developers can trust, you can't settle for traditional, easily gameable metrics like "commit count" or "issues resolved". You need consistent, reliable data, that your developers can verify for themselves via great code review tools. That's GitClear.

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GitClear has been an invaluable tool for us as it allows my leadership team to have in-depth insight into the performance of their developers who are geographically spread through out the world. I would have far less confidence in my understanding of my organization without it.
- Rocket Williams, VP Engineering at Trintech

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For your intended purpose to provide an evidence base that your measurement approach ("Line Impact") is better than other alternatives, I am of the opinion that you have clearly demonstrated its superiority.

-- Dr. Alain Abran, Leading Researcher with 13,000 citations on software metrics research

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