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The first Developer-FriendlyFriendlyFriendly Analytics tool

Next-level software developer metrics, powered by a code review tool unlike any other -- helps developers self-optimize and cultivates team collaboration.

GitClear offers a tool to transform git data into improved developer satisfaction and faster release cycles.
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It's hard to think of a single engineering manager I've worked with who wouldn't love to get their hands on reports like these.
Greg Thomas, CTO and Author
Code Your Way Up
GitClear summarizes your code, teasing out the fraction of work that has a meaningful impact on the code base.

Developers get more done with GitClear

GitClear's distillation of meaningful code changes gives individual contributors data they can trust. With GitClear tools, developers can review code faster, track progress on tickets, and help prove with data when tech debt needs to be paid down. Managers can breathe easy and focus on the bigger picture, knowing that developers are empowered to review ongoing work & self-optimize.

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Follow progress on Jira tickets and unplanned work
Why distract a developer from their task for a status update? GitClear can show which ticket each developer is working on, and use historical data to predict how much longer it will take to finish.
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Leverage empirically validated stats from Google
Google DORA is a set of metrics that come validated by Google's elite data science team. Improve deployment frequency, reduce defects, and cut the lag between starting work and deploying it.
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Tech Debt Inspector: Pinpoint problem directories
Present a data-backed case to executives when legacy systems are torturing your developers and impeding release velocity.
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Eliminate bottlenecks in pull request reviews
Measurably reduce the amount of time that code gets stuck in PR review. Incentivize smaller PRs, and reward teammates who provide high quality code review
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Where are the team's productivity dead zones?
Elite teams relentlessly cut out distractions from their weekly schedule. The Hourly Impact report gives managers the chance to create long stretches of deep work time for their team.
Picture of Cohort Report
Constantly improve the developer onboarding process
In a private, developer-only chart, individuals can compare how their performance maps to cohorts of the same tenure to ensure that the onboarding process is meeting developer needs.
GitClear has been an invaluable tool for us as it allows my leadership team to have in-depth insight into the performance of their developers who are geographically spread through out the world. I would have far less confidence in my understanding of my organization without it.
- Rocket Williams,
VP Engineering at Trintech

Happy developers lead to stronger teams

GitClear inspires developers to self-optimize and treats them as partners in the effort to improve. Unlike traditional Developer Analytics tools -- built for and by managers -- GitClear was built for developers, managers and executives to use side-by-side.

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Data-driven decision making
Insights for Managers, CTOs, and VP of Engineering
Insights for Managers, CTOs, and VP of Engineering
Developers choose their achievements to highlight
Developers ranked from "first to worst," facilitating layoffs
Empirically proven to correlate with developer effort
Calculates "velocity" without showing calculation method
Reports labeled by specific quantities measured
Developers assigned a "Productivity" number
Developer data privacy and permissions
Developers can control who has permission to view data
Ambiguous who has access to sensitive data
Transparent and configurable metrics
Teams understand & adjust metric calibration to taste
Scant public documentation of metrics or reports

Trusted by thousands of teams, large and small

For your intended purpose to provide an evidence base that your measurement approach ("Diff Delta") is better than other alternatives, I am of the opinion that you have clearly demonstrated its superiority.
Leading Researcher
Author Software Metrics and Software Metrology, Wiley

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