Code Analysis is more than counting lines of code.

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Most code analysis tools don’t cut it

It’s easy to find tools that perform code analysis. Unfortunately, these tools can’t detect how code changes or map these changes to bugs and features.

That’s where GitClear can help. Using a machine learning algorithm, the tool provides insights that would have been difficult without the time and expertise of an experienced manager.

Understand your team’s work habits

Commits and lines of code don’t convey much about the habits of individual developers. Some developers spend hours planning and make a single commit for a large feature. Others make many small commits that weave code together into a final product. Both styles are equally valid, which can make measuring productivity a challenge.

GitClear distills your team’s work into a collection of data visualizations. This allows for a quick understanding of a developer’s status. Find out if a developer is stuck by comparing the recent work to historical commit patterns.

See how commits turn into features

It can take hours of reviewing commits to understand the impact they have on a feature. Often new code is changed from one commit to another.

GitClear uses Commit Groups to identify related commits and changes. By grouping a series of commits together, you can focus on the biggest updates and avoid wasting time reviewing code that was later removed. In early tests, Commit Groups have reduced the code our managers reviewed by up to 75%.

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