Code Review and Analysis Without Counting Lines of Code

Simplify your software development process through impactful metrics.


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A better code review system

Sometimes commits that are insignificant on their own provide larger value together. We use a learning algorithm to group these commits together into a commit group.

After grouping two or more commits, you can treat and analyze them as one set of changes. This allows for the easier digestion of a set of changes from many commits.

Counting code is inefficient

"Lines of Code" is a flawed metric. It is not about how much code you write, but the impact that code is providing. GitClear measures developer productivity through Line Impact.

GitStats metrics aren't enough

GitStats is a statistics generator that produces metrics like total lines and commits. While metrics like this can be appropriate on a macro level, they will not tell you the true impact of your dev team.

GitClear provides useful metrics such as Line Impact, Velocity, and actions taken. With better stats, you can track your team's progress and compare past projects.

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