Developer Analytics Tools:
Pricing Comparison

Last updated: October 2021

In 2024, CTOs, VPs of Engineering, and other engineering leaders have a rich set of tools to choose from that can shine a light into the inner workings of their dev team. But with greater opportunity comes greater decision-making costs.

How do the pricing and features compare among 2024's top-shelf Developer Analytics products?

While all of these companies promise to inject transparency into the engineering process, few offer full transparency into what their customers will actually be charged. We think that customers deserve to know about what their tools will cost before they're induced to spend 60 minutes in a sales/demo call. And so, without further ado...

Published Pricing* | June 2024

GitClear Pluralsight Flow Code Climate Velocity LinearB Haystack
Public Debut 2019 2019 2018 2019 2020
3 Developers
per month
$27 $126* $112 $105 $60
10 Developers
per month
$90 $416* $374 $210 $200
50 Developers
per month
$450 $2,079* $1,871 $1,610 $1,000
100 Developers
per month
$900 $4,158* $3,742 $3,360 Too expensive to publish
Per Developer
per month
$9 $42* $37 $35 $20
100 Developers
On Prem (Enterprise)
per month
$2,900 $5,000* Too expensive to publish $4,500 Too expensive to publish

* Some prices shown were published earlier in 2021, before Pluralsight opted to remove all pricing specifics from their website. It may be higher or lower now. If they, or any other service, would like to email us at [email protected] to clarify their pricing, we pledge to update this table within one business day. In the meantime, please note that these prices are only as exact can be inferred from reading their (now or previously) public-visible pricing page.

Why the Wide Range?

In a word: sales. If one analyzes the structure and funding source of each Developer Analytics company, there is a direct correlation between the size of the company's sales team and the size of the monthly price tag.

This is not to say that there aren't differences in the feature sets between products. Nor is it to say that having a sales team eager to answer questions isn't worth the extra cost to some types of customer. It is to say that if a Developer Analytics company requires a greater headcount to help users understand the utility of their product, that comes with an implied cost.

When GitClear launched in 2019, we, too employed a dedicated sales team. Our pricing at that time started at $300/month, with each incremental developer @ $30/month. It worked OK, but we came to realize that main purpose our sales team served was helping customers interpret our esoteric charts and navigate our then-complex onboarding process. If we could make the charts' utility self-evident, and we could automate the onboarding process, we could fill a new (more affordable) niche.

Feature Differences

It's reasonable to imagine that the features offered per product influences price. An impartial reader ought to be skeptical if GitClear claimed that, in spite of our lower cost, we answered a wider range of engineering questions. So, instead of making the classic Sales Feature Table where GitClear checks all the boxes and everyone else gets some scraps, we'll just provide a partial list of functionality that GitClear offers as of late 2021 and let you be the judge.

Sampling of GitClear Features

Don't take our word for it

At the conclusion of your sales call with a competitor, ask if they have your favorite feature(s) from the list above? These features are not all unique to GitClear, but the breadth of reports we offer -- and the focus on building a developer-first analytics tool that doesn't require hand-holding to set up [1] -- are what makes GitClear more affordable and more versatile than platforms that cost several times more.

[1] We do have a small-but-mighty support team to help with initial onboarding if necessary. We can also help walk you through the fifteen minute process of getting an On Prem version of GitClear running on your cloud or data center.