Line-based factor
Code Churn
This is an explanation of code churn
And this is an example of it
Line Impact™
Code churn
Activity type
File extension
Ignorable files
File purpose
Duplicate sections
Greenfield implementation
Merge commits
Related commits
Ignore branches

A Visual Guide to Line Impact™ and Commit Groups

Our downloadable PDF is the most sharable way to introduce your team to how Line Impact and Commit Groups. We'll show how these two work together to drive better results for your team. In this guide, you'll learn:

  • How your current git provider compares to GitClear
  • Why hundreds of teams trust GitClear to make better decisions
  • How we identify bugs & tech debt overlooked in your current process

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Line Impact™ Distribution

The tables below illustrate the range of weekly Line Impact values accumulated per developer. All percentiles are recalculated daily.