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Commits grouped by purpose

Code review on GitHub can be frustrating and inefficient. When commits feature overlapping lines that may have been added and later removed, it becomes tedious to identify changes that affect the final code. GitClear automatically groups relevant commits together so that managers and engineers can save time during code review.

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Code, interpreted precisely

The world of GitHub and other code review tools is a binary world: changed lines are either considered an "addition" or "deletion." The real world isn't so simple. Our code review identifies lines that are added and deleted, but also: moved, updated, find-and-replaced, copy/pasted. No longer will you review a long pull request and wonder whether a big chunk of code marked as "addition" is really new, or simply moved in from an existing method.

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... And way more than fit on a page this size

We've invested years into building the most fully featured git browser and diff viewer available online. In addition to the features above, we also offer:

  • Group all (or some) repos Want to browse all code committed across an organization? Across your entire company? We've got you covered.
  • Code type recognition. If your code is a keyword, blank line, auto-generated, etc, we can reduce the emphasis on it or hide it altogether.
  • See it in context. All activity receives a Diff Delta score, so if you're in a hurry, you know which commits to review first.

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