Introducing Pull Request Stats: Clarity and Speed in Collaboration

Brian Leahy July 18, 2019

Pull requests are an essential part of the development cycle, but it can be a challenge to gain insight into the process. Managers need to ensure that their team's pull request reviews are timely and thorough. In order to understand who needs help (and where), managers also want to identify which developers require the most revisions after submitting pull requests.

Without further ado, we're excited to introduce a feature that will help managers and product owners understand their developers' pull requests to a revolutionary degree. The new PR Stats page provides a wealth of data on individual developers that will help managers and product owners find answers in the above scenarios and beyond.

Here's a quick overview of the stats available on this page:

Open and Closed Pull Requests

Activity for open and recently-closed pull requests is displayed here in a bubble graph. Hover on individual bubbles to hone in on details about comments and revisions. You can also expand details for each pull request to see a summary of comments and code changes.


Pull Request Creation

Here you'll find aggregate statistics about pull requests the dev has authored, allowing you to ensure they follow best practices. Metrics include averages for PR open time, comments received, and rounds of revisions, each compared to the team average. You can also see where they tend to accumulate Line Impact (LI): in pre-PR code, in revisions to the PR, or in related changes post-merge (indicating there may have been undiscovered bugs or issues).


Pull Request Review

This section contains aggregate statistics about pull request reviews the dev has conducted, such as the delay until they first comment on the pull request, number of comments left, and time spent commenting. Similar to the previous section, it also provides the team average for each stat so that you can compare a dev's performance to their peers'.


Still Hungry for More Data?

You're in the right place. We'll be adding even more to the PR Stats page soon:

  • Organization and Repo pages that list all open PRs, team statistics, and leaderboards
  • Customizable targets for how long a PR is open, and the accumulated LI before a PR is created


A Better Understanding of your Team

The PR Stats page provides managers and product owners with an unprecedented level of insight into the collaboration process on their team. Managers can gather useful data like the average length of time it takes their team to complete pull requests, or the total amount of Pull Requests in a given period. It also enables them to assist developers with high rates of revisions, or infrequent rates of authoring and reviewing. Product owners will also appreciate being able to track progress and revisions on pull requests.


Brian Leahy

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