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GitClear Q1 2024 Updates: Copy/Paste Line Counts, Better Industry Stats, Per-Developer Stats

GitClear November 2023 Updates: GitHub Team Sync, Subscription Seats, Improved "Biggest Issues", and more

Q3 2023, our biggest set of updates ever: AI-Powered Code Review; function recognition; much more

Announcing: GitClear office hours September 20th

Q2 2023 Update Roundup: Commit Summarizing with OpenAI, Track Buggy Files/Directories, Notifications Shown w/ Reports, and more

Q4 2022 GitClear Updates Roundup: Fully-featured code comments, faster commit group building, and lots more

Linux Touchpad like Macbook Update: 2022 progress and new poll

We're renaming our "Line Impact" metric - here's why