Airflow: 2.9.1 Release

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May 6, 2024
Previous version:
2.9.1rc2 (released May 6, 2024)
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Release Notes Published

Significant Changes

Stackdriver logging bugfix requires Google provider 10.17.0 or later (#38071)

If you use Stackdriver logging, you must use Google provider version 10.17.0 or later. Airflow 2.9.1 now passes gcp_log_name to the StackdriverTaskHandler instead of name, and this will fail on earlier provider versions.

This fixes a bug where the log name configured in [logging] remove_base_log_folder was overridden when Airflow configured logging, resulting in task logs going to the wrong destination.

Bug Fixes

  • Make task log messages include run_id (#39280)
  • Copy menu_item href for nav bar (#39282)
  • Fix trigger kwarg encryption migration (#39246, #39361, #39374)
  • Add workaround for datetime-local input in firefox (#39261)
  • Add Grid button to Task Instance view (#39223)
  • Get served logs when remote or executor logs not available for non-running task try (#39177)
  • Fixed side effect of menu filtering causing disappearing menus (#39229)
  • Use grid view for Task Instance's log_url (#39183)
  • Improve task filtering UX (#39119)
  • Improve rendered_template ux in react dag page (#39122)
  • Graph view improvements (#38940)
  • Check that the dataset<>task exists before trying to render graph (#39069)
  • Hostname was "redacted", not "redact"; remove it when there is no context (#39037)
  • Check whether AUTH_ROLE_PUBLIC is set in check_authentication (#39012)
  • Move rendering of map_index_template so it renders for failed tasks as long as it was defined before the point of failure (#38902)
  • Undeprecate BaseXCom.get_one method for now (#38991)
  • Add inherit_cache attribute for CreateTableAs custom SA Clause (#38985)
  • Don't wait for DagRun lock in mini scheduler (#38914)
  • Fix calendar view with no DAG Run (#38964)
  • Changed the background color of external task in graph (#38969)
  • Fix dag run selection (#38941)
  • Fix SAWarning 'Coercing Subquery object into a select() for use in IN()' (#38926)
  • Fix implicit cartesian product in AirflowSecurityManagerV2 (#38913)
  • Fix problem that links in legacy log view can not be clicked (#38882)
  • Fix dag run link params (#38873)
  • Use async db calls in WorkflowTrigger (#38689)
  • Fix audit log events filter (#38719)
  • Use methodtools.lru_cache instead of functools.lru_cache in class methods (#37757)
  • Raise deprecated warning in airflow dags backfill only if -I / --ignore-first-depends-on-past provided (#38676)


  • TriggerDagRunOperator deprecate execution_date in favor of logical_date (#39285)
  • Force to use Airflow Deprecation warnings categories on @deprecated decorator (#39205)
  • Add warning about run/import Airflow under the Windows (#39196)
  • Update is_authorized_custom_view from auth manager to handle custom actions (#39167)
  • Add in Trove classifiers Python 3.12 support (#39004)
  • Use debug level for minischeduler skip (#38976)
  • Bump undici from 5.28.3 to 5.28.4 in /airflow/www (#38751)

Doc Only Changes

  • Fix supported k8s version in docs (#39172)
  • Dynamic task mapping PythonOperator op_kwargs (#39242)
  • Add link to user and role commands (#39224)
  • Add k8s 1.29 to supported version in docs (#39168)
  • Data aware scheduling docs edits (#38687)
  • Update DagBag class docstring to include all params (#38814)
  • Correcting an example taskflow example (#39015)
  • Remove decorator from rendering fields example (#38827)