React Native: v0.62.0-rc.1 Release

Release date:
January 21, 2020
Previous version:
v0.62.0-rc.0 (released December 18, 2019)
652 Line Impact
4 total committers
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Release Notes Published

THIS IS A RELEASE CANDIDATE: this means it's not stable yet, so proceed with care.

Please only upgrade or create new apps with 0.62.0-rc.1 if you'd like to help us test this before the stable release - which would be super useful 🤗

To test it, run:

npx react-native init RN062 --version 0.62.0-rc.1

This RC1 introduces the new LogBox experience behind a feature flag: to try it out, add in the index.js file:


We are also aware of some Android and Hermes related issues, keep an eye on the RC status issue to know more - they are still being investigated but will likely be fixed in the next RC.

This release will be quite massive (there are around 1200 commits of delta between this version and 0.61!) so we don't have the changelog ready yet (draft PR) - it will be fully ready for when we will publish 0.62.0.

You can participate in the conversation on the RC status this issue for updates, where you can post your bug reports and cherry-pick suggestions.

You can find the whole changelog history over at react-native-releases.