React: v16.10.0 Release

Release date:
September 25, 2019
Previous version:
v16.9.0 (released August 5, 2019)
14,478 Line Impact
32 total committers
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185 Features Released with v16.10.0

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Release Notes Published

React DOM

  • Fix edge case where a hook update wasn't being memoized. (@sebmarkbage in #16359)
  • Fix heuristic for determining when to hydrate, so we don't incorrectly hydrate during an update. (@sebmarkbage in #16739)
  • Clear additional fiber fields during unmount to save memory. (@trueadm in #16807)
  • Fix bug with required text fields in Firefox. (@halvves in #16578)
  • Prefer instead of inline polyfill, when available. (@ku8ar in #16212)
  • Fix bug when mixing Suspense and error handling. (@acdlite in #16801)

Scheduler (Experimental)

  • Improve queue performance by switching its internal data structure to a min binary heap. (@acdlite in #16245)
  • Use postMessage loop with short intervals instead of attempting to align to frame boundaries with requestAnimationFrame. (@acdlite in #16214)


  • Avoid tearing issue when a mutation happens and the previous update is still in progress. (@bvaughn in #16623)


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