Kubernetes: v1.19.4 Release

Release date:
November 11, 2020
Previous version:
v1.19.4-rc.0 (released October 14, 2020)
2,832 Line Impact
21 total committers
Data confidence:

34 Features Released with v1.19.4

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Release Notes Published

See kubernetes-announce@ and CHANGELOG/CHANGELOG-1.19.md for details.

SHA256 for kubernetes.tar.gz: 53de5d713b5c9a822d5e87d005682880357759f877f1aad5979bc12c71b46877 SHA512 for kubernetes.tar.gz: ddd4ef04975492c39a8ecb469c1d0ccf3c4321be2cd6d03e2d64e292e3e5b4ef5430ccd78c4495a93794f5268a1e09f8636778eba74939414831be60697218b4

Additional binary downloads are linked in the CHANGELOG/CHANGELOG-1.19.md.