Polars: rs-0.39.2 Release

Release date:
April 17, 2024
Previous version:
rs-0.39.1 (released April 15, 2024)
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5 total committers
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Authored April 17, 2024
Authored April 17, 2024
Authored April 16, 2024

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Release Notes Published

πŸš€ Performance improvements

  • use two binary searches for equality mask when data is sorted (#15702)
  • improve filter parallelism (#15686)

✨ Enhancements

  • Remove outdated join validation checks (#15701)

🐞 Bug fixes

  • manual cache (#15711)
  • Ensure we don't hold onto Mutex when grabbing join tuples (#15704)
  • allow null dtypes in UDFs if they match the schema (#15699)
  • Respect join_null argument for semi/anti joins (#15696)
  • Ensure we don't hold RwLock when spawning group parallelism in w… (#15697)
  • Ensure empty with_columns is a no-op (#15694)
  • Include predicate in cache state union (#15693)
  • Add the missing feature flag for ewm_mean_by (#15687)
  • 8/16-bits int could also apply in place for log expr (#15680)
  • prepare_expression_for_context shouldn't panic if exceptions raised from optimizer (#15681)

πŸ› οΈ Other improvements

  • Make json_path_match expr non-anonymous (#15682)

Thank you to all our contributors for making this release possible! @henryharbeck, @kszlim, @orlp, @reswqa and @ritchie46