Prisma: 3.15.2 Release

Release date:
June 15, 2022
Previous version:
3.15.1 (released June 8, 2022)
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Release Notes Published

Today, we are issuing theΒ 3.15.2 patch release.


In order to use the Prisma Data Proxy via Prisma Client, you need to generate it with prisma generate --data-proxy as described in our documentation. We are introducing PRISMA_GENERATE_DATAPROXY="true" as an additional way to do the same thing, but via an environment variable.

This is necessary, for example, to reliably deploy a Prisma Client for Data Proxy on Vercel Serverless Functions, where it can be hard to update the build command to run prisma generate --data-proxy. Starting with this version you can just set PRISMA_GENERATE_DATAPROXY="true" as an environment variable the Vercel project settings.

If you are unfamiliar with the Data Proxy, read how to get started.