Signal Desktop: v6.8.0 Release

Release date:
March 1, 2023
Previous version:
v6.8.0-beta.1 (released February 23, 2023)
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2 total committers
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Release Notes Published

  • You wouldn't download a car, but now when you download an MP3 voice note it will be saved with the proper file extension.
  • Quickly begin typing a message after attaching a file, or just hit Enter/Return to send the file without any extra clicks. Thanks, @zyphlar!
  • The send button in the large composition view has been brought into alignment. Thanks, @hackerbirds!
  • If you are the only person in a group (so far) and you attempt to begin a group call, now you can join the call and start talking to yourself right away instead of waiting for the call to ring. Thanks, @lamemakes!