Node Slack Sdk: @slack/oauth@1.0.0 Release

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January 12, 2021
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@slack/logger@3.0.0 (released January 12, 2021)
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Release Notes Published

This is the first release of our new @slack/oauth package! Slack apps that are installed in multiple workspaces, like in the App Directory or in an Enterprise Grid, will need to implement OAuth and store information about each of those installations.

  • Supports V2 OAuth for Slack Apps as well as V1 OAuth for Classic Slack apps.
  • Includes a pluggable interface to easily hook in your own database to save and fetch installation data (like tokens).
  • Handles state generation and state verification
  • Has a method for creating "Add to Slack" buttons for direct installs
  • Redirects back to the Slack app after the installation flow completes

Make sure to checkout the docs and our OAuth Express example app to learn more!

Issue: #950 PR: #963

Thanks @stevengill, @aoberoi, @seratch and @shaydewael!