Node Slack Sdk: @slack/rtm-api@5.0.0 Release

Release date:
January 23, 2021
Previous version:
@slack/oauth@2.0.1 (released January 26, 2021)
15,230 Line Impact
41 total committers
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142 Features Released with @slack/rtm-api@5.0.0

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Release Notes Published

New features

  • Brand new, independent, and lighter weight package

Breaking changes

  • Supports Node v8.9.0 and higher
  • No longer supports a callbacks for named Web API methods, or the RTMClient.sendMessage() method.
  • Removed the raw_message event in favor of the slack_event event.
  • agent option has been simplified
  • Some ErrorCode constants have changed.
  • Support Logger objects without a logger function.

See the migration guide for details.