Node Slack Sdk: v4.0.1 Release

Release date:
March 14, 2018
Previous version:
v4.0.0 (released August 24, 2018)
246 Line Impact
3 total committers
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Release Notes Published

  • Fixes crash in projects where "name" or "version" were not defined in the package.json file (#478) - thanks @wilhelmklopp @clavin @aoberoi
  • Fixes IncomingWebhook.send() to parse the response as text instead of JSON (#477) - thanks @aoberoi
  • Allows IncomingWebhook to be initialized without defaults (#479) - thanks @aoberoi
  • Allows WebClient to be initialized without a token in TypeScript (#482) - thanks @aoberoi
  • Allows unspecificed arguments to be used with WebClient method aliases and apiCall() (#484) - thanks @clavin
  • Exports method argument types as top level exports in the type declarations (#483) - thanks @aoberoi
  • Fixes inaccurate property type for as_user in ChatPostMessageArguments (#475) - thanks @harveyr
  • Improves the OAuthAccessArguments and OAuthTokenArguments types (#481) - thanks @aoberoi