Node Slack Sdk: v4.4.0 Release

Release date:
August 11, 2018
Previous version:
v4.3.1 (released June 7, 2018)
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Release Notes Published

New Features

  • Workspace apps can now call methods on behalf of users for methods which require the X-Slack-User header. When calling one of these methods, specify the user ID in the new on_behalf_of option. - thanks @aoberoi (#609)
  • The new rejectRateLimitedCalls option in the WebClient constructor allows you to customize how you'd like to handle rate limiting. If you set it to true, the WebClient will not attempt to retry an API call for you, and will instead return an error with a code property set to the value ErrorCode.RateLimitedError. - thanks @aoberoi (#599)
  • Automatic pagination for cursor-based pagination enabled methods: It's always recommended to perform pagination using the cursor and limit options directly, but if you don't pass either when calling a method, the WebClient will automatically iterate through all the pages and returned a merged result. - thanks @aoberoi (#596)
  • The WebClient will warn when calling deprecated methods (files.comments.add and files.comments.edit) - thanks @aoberoi (#604)

Bug fixes and more

  • Fixes the crash when RTMClient#disconnect() was called from the connecting state - thanks @aoberoi (#603)
  • Fixes an issue where uploading a file without a token fails in WebClient with an unrelated error - thanks @aoberoi (#587)
  • Resolves an issue where your app requires a newer version of @types/node than this package specifies - thanks @aoberoi (#605)
  • Fixes the Dialog.selected_options type definition - thanks @harveyr (#588)
  • Adds information, fixes syntax issues, and corrects typos in the documentation - thanks @chris-peterson, @jd0920 (#584, #600, #601)
  • Tests against node v10 in Travis - thanks @aoberoi (#606)