Node Slack Sdk: v4.2.2 Release

Release date:
May 12, 2018
Previous version:
v4.2.1 (released May 11, 2018)
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Release Notes Published

  • Adds the notify_on_cancel field to the Dialog type definition (#541) - thanks @DominikPalo
  • Adds AttachmentAction type definition to express the type of the action property of MessageAttachment. (#543, #551) - thanks @brianeletype, @DominikPalo
  • Adds the SelectOption type defintion and related properties to the Dialog type definition. (#549) - thanks @DominikPalo
  • Fixes the missing scopes property in WebClient responses. (#554) - thanks @aoberoi
  • Fixes an issue in RTMClient where websocket errors in the connecting:authenticated state would cause the program to crash. (#555) thanks @aoberoi
  • Fixes an issue where KeepAlive would monitor the RTM connection while the websocket was not ready after a reconnection. (#555) thanks @aoberoi
  • Uses the "files" key in package.json to implement a whitelist of files that are packed for npm publish.