Node Slack Sdk: v4.3.0 Release

Release date:
June 5, 2018
Previous version:
v4.2.2 (released May 12, 2018)
210 Line Impact
3 total committers
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Release Notes Published

  • Adds new permissions method named aliases to WebClient: apps.permissions.resources.list and apps.permissions.scopes.list (#568) - thanks @ggruiz
  • Fixes an issue where an RTMClient instance throws errors while trying to reconnect after a connection interuption (#560) - thanks @aoberoi
  • Fixes issue where rate-limit handling in WebClient was not triggering, and adds tests (#570, #573) - thanks @ggruiz
  • Adds missing IncomingWebhookResult type to exports (#562) - thanks @mledom
  • Changes options argument of RTMClient#start() to be optional as it was intended (#567) - thanks @christophehurpeau