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Release date:
November 12, 2021
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v3.9.2 (released November 11, 2021)
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Release Notes Published


  • Fixed: Custom editors appearing as expired
  • Fixed: UI layout for 2FA wizard


  • Fixed: Offline subscription activation


  • New Preferences pane for easier configuration of account and application settings
  • New Quick Settings menu in dock which replaces the legacy Extensions Manager
  • New slimmed down Account menu in dock
  • Redesigned notes list options menu
  • New unified subscription architecture. No longer do you need separate accounts to use a paid plan with Standard Notes. The whole process has been unified into one simple flow that automatically activates paid benefits (compared to the old process of having to activate and install editors and themes one-by-one).
  • Adds dedicated Duplicate option in note editor context menu
  • Adds word and character count as well as read time for plain text notes in editor context menu
  • Adds timestamps and note identifier in editor context menu
  • Adds Export option in editor context menu to save a note to file
  • Adds ability to change account email directly within the application, so you no longer need to delete your account and start anew to change your email.

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