TensorFlow: v2.3.2 Release

Release date:
January 4, 2021
Previous version:
v2.3.1 (released September 22, 2020)
652 Line Impact
9 total committers
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37 Features Released with v2.3.2

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Release Notes Published

Release 2.3.2

Bug Fixes and Other Changes

  • Fixes an access to unitialized memory in Eigen code (CVE-2020-26266)
  • Fixes a security vulnerability caused by lack of validation in tf.raw_ops.DataFormatVecPermute and tf.raw_ops.DataFormatDimMap (CVE-2020-26267)
  • Fixes a vulnerability caused by attempting to write to immutable memory region in tf.raw_ops.ImmutableConst (CVE-2020-26268
  • Fixes a CHECK-fail in LSTM with zero-length input (CVE-2020-26270)
  • Fixes a security vulnerability caused by accessing heap data outside of bounds when loading a specially crafted SavedModel (CVE-2020-26271)
  • Solves an OOM issue on TPUs when XLA contexts use fused average updates
  • Updates libjpeg-turbo to 2.0.5 to handle CVE-2020-13790.
  • Updates junit to 4.13.1 to handle CVE-2020-15250.
  • Updates PCRE to 8.44 to handle CVE-2019-20838 and CVE-2020-14155.
  • Updates sqlite3 to 3.44.0 to keep in sync with master branch.