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Bill Harding May 20, 2019

Today we decided to freshen the venerable labels used to describe the pages specific to a committer:

The updated version will rearrange the same information into the following buckets:

Note that "Highlights" is a new tab, so technically we changed four tabs and added one. But why would we change four tabs?

The most pressing reason was that there was no clear delineation between "stats," "skills," and "performance review." Each of these tabs had charts that could conceivably have been placed in a different tab, which was a good indication that they were overly vague. 

The new titles are wordier, but they each map to a distinct purpose that we've learned is important to managers or developers:

  • Code: What it sounds like. If you're a developer or manager that reads code, this is where you can quickly visualize specific commit activity happening across one or many repos.
  • Activity Stats. Charts to visualize how the committer's activity fluctuates over time. 
  • Project Tasks. What are the biggest Jiras (or other issue tracker) tickets that got closed each month? Which upcoming tasks are the best fit for this developers strengths?
  • Comparative Stats. Admin tab that aggregates the developer's activity relative to present and historical peers
  • Highlights. Currently houses badges and manager notes. Soon to aggregate the best of the developer's recent accomplishments.

Spoiler alert: by the end of this week, we're likely to have a sixth guest at this party when "Pull Requests" makes its debut. 🤯 Hope you find these updates serve to clarify what you can expect behind each tab.

Bill Harding

CEO/Programmer, GitClear

Bill is driven by the challenge of how best to quantify valuable questions that defy quantification. It's possible this instinct may have been awakened in Bill at age 14, when he won a soft, stuffed bunny at the orthodontist for guessing the number of jelly beans in the gumball machine.


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