Comparing top-tier alternatives for code development, KPIs, and metrics by their data sources used

Bill Harding January 2, 2020

Today we're releasing a follow-up to our semi-viral classic, the 4 Worst Metrics Agitating Software Developers in 2019. The new piece is focused on comparing GitPrime / Pluralsight (GitPrime will cease to exist as of January 17, 2020) to GitClear, Pinpoint, and Code Climate's Velocity

The goal of the piece is to shine a bright light on the data sources being used to produce the 100+ metrics being advertised by the various data processors. When these metrics are informed by a data source like "commits," we should start skeptical. When the metrics are informed by "lines of code," we should ask whether it's being adjusted for the numerous sources of noise inherent to the metric.

With the folding of GitPrime into Pluralsight, there's a lot of change happening in this space and we want users to feel confident that they understand the evolving options that are available to measure developers in 2020. Hopefully this piece can help contribute to that bright future. 

Bill Harding

CEO/Programmer, GitClear

Bill is driven by the challenge of how best to quantify valuable questions that defy quantification. It's possible this instinct may have been awakened in Bill at age 14, when he won a soft, stuffed bunny at the orthodontist for guessing the number of jelly beans in the gumball machine.


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