Remote Working Impact: Deep Dive on Microsoft's Results

Bill Harding March 23, 2020

Bill Harding

CEO/Programmer, GitClear

Bill is driven by the challenge of how best to quantify valuable questions that defy quantification. It's possible this instinct may have been awakened in Bill at age 14, when he won a soft, stuffed bunny at the orthodontist for guessing the number of jelly beans in the gumball machine.


Neha said about 4 years ago

Recently, I switched from iOS to Android. And I was missing Apple's Continuity feature. Where I could easily make or receive phone calls on Mac, get access OTPs, messages quickly on my Mac.
I noticed I was ending up landing social media or hacker-news :D spending hours every-time I picked up my phone for a call(there're a lot in this work from home situation).

And then after spending a day, going through a lot of spam! I noticed this app on App Store called "Connecton". I'm surprised why was it hard to find it. But it improved my productivity.

Putting out loud, so that I can save someone's time who needs this.

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