React: v16.9.0 Release

Release date:
August 5, 2019
Previous version:
v16.9.0-alpha.0 (released April 3, 2019)
9,284 Line Impact
11 total committers
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360 Features Released with v16.9.0

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Release Notes Published


  • Add <React.Profiler> API for gathering performance measurements programmatically. (@bvaughn in #15172)
  • Remove unstable_ConcurrentMode in favor of unstable_createRoot. (@acdlite in #15532)

React DOM

React DOM Server

  • Fix incorrect output for camelCase custom CSS property names. (@bedakb in #16167)

React Test Utilities and Test Renderer


• react: • react-art: • react-dom: • react-is: • react-test-renderer: • scheduler: