Kubernetes: v1.19.0-rc.3 Release

Release date:
July 29, 2020
Previous version:
v1.19.0-rc.2 (released July 21, 2020)
7,504 Line Impact
27 total committers
Data confidence:

51 Features Released with v1.19.0-rc.3

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Release Notes Published

See kubernetes-announce@ and CHANGELOG/CHANGELOG-1.19.md for details.

SHA256 for kubernetes.tar.gz: 84a03f447c54e36d840cdcf90a7b522c32bd689ecdad9d91d3f1ce0c8e84141c SHA512 for kubernetes.tar.gz: 31f98fb8d51c6dfa60e2cf710a35af14bc17a6b3833b3802cebc92586b01996c091943087dc818541fc13ad75f051d20c176d9506fc0c86ab582a9295fb7ed59

Additional binary downloads are linked in the CHANGELOG/CHANGELOG-1.19.md.