npm: v10.0.0 Release

Release date:
August 31, 2023
Previous version:
v10.0.0-pre.1 (released August 31, 2023)
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2 total committers
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Release Notes Published

10.0.0 (2023-08-31)


  • support for node 14 and 16 has been dropped. npm now supports node ^18.17.0 || >=20.5.0
  • npm no longer treats missing scripts as a special case in workspace mode. Use if-present to ignore missing scripts.
  • @npmcli/agent is now used as the agent for network requests
  • the ci-name config has been removed
  • the hard-coded hashAlgorithm value is no longer being passed through flatOptions
  • the unused tmp config has been removed
  • the hard-coded metrics-registry config has been removed.
  • libnpmpublish will no longer attempt a single automatic retry on 409 responses during publish.
  • support for the strict RFC 8909 mode has been removed. this mode was only enabled when the environ NPM_PACKAGE_ARG_8909_STRICT=1 was set.

Bug Fixes

  • e0d3edd #6641 remove "ci-name" config (@wraithgar)
  • 0a71ebb #6641 stop retrying on 409 conflict (@wraithgar)
  • 9344167 #135 remove strict 8909 mode (@wraithgar)
  • b34ee65 #6706 set objectMode for search filter stream (@lukekarrys)
  • f916d33 #6715 allow searching packages with no description (@lukekarrys)
  • 0318f44 #6641 remove implicit if-present logic from run-script workspaces (@wraithgar)
  • db91a77 #6641 remove "hashAlgorithm" from flatOptions (@wraithgar)
  • ece52a3 #6641 remove "tmp" config (@wraithgar)
  • 1f767aa #6641 remove metric-registry config (@wraithgar)


  • c736b62 #6686 add missing bugs key in (#6686) (@airscripts)
  • c1e01d9 #6680 Update (#6680) (@p-chan, @ljharb)
  • e5338af #6672 remove link to deprecated npm set-script command (#6672) (@emmanuel-ferdman)