Desktop: v3.11.0 Release

Release date:
February 17, 2022
Previous version:
v3.10.0 (released February 11, 2022)
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1 total committer
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Release Notes Published

  • New: Full layout note history screen that makes it easier to navigate and preview history entries. Accessible via the note context menu's Note history option.
    • Includes the ability to delete a particular revision from your account.
  • New: Dedicated change editor button in note editor panel header.
  • Improved: Change editor menu now uses a flat list layout instead of an accordion menu for easier and quicker navigation.
  • Improved: Slightly faster on load decryption performance. This release accompanies mobile release 3.11 (pending release), which also includes faster on load decryption performance.
  • Fixed: Issue where third party or self-hosted themes would deactivate upon refresh.

Known Issues: - Legacy actions-based note history is temporarily not available in this release, but will be reintroduced in a subsequent hotfix. - Plaintext revisions are rendered with a different font size and layout than in the plain editor.