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February 11, 2022
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v3.10.0-beta.3 (released January 16, 2022)
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Release Notes Published

  • NEW: Native nested tags. Now you can nest tags into a folder-like hierarchy, without the need for the now removed Folders extension [requires subscription plan].
  • NEW: Change Editor menu in note context menu, with a a more organized, easier to use layout than the now removed Editor menu.
  • NEW: Ability to create a Listed blog directly from the Preferences > Listed (as opposed to copy/pasting a code from Listed)
  • Fixed: Issue where advanced editors would randomly fail to load.
  • Fixed: Issue where deleting a note permanently would result in an incorrect number being displayed for โ€œAll notesโ€.
  • Improvement: All first party editors now have the ability to toggle spellcheck via the note context menu. Disable spellcheck for long notes to improve editing performance. Third party editors can also gain spellcheck control functionality by specifying a spellcheckControl: true entry in their extensionโ€™s json payload. Then read note.content.spellcheck in your editor to determine its spellcheck state.

FileSafe has been deprecated and will no longer be offered to new users. Existing subscribers who have previously installed FileSafe will retain access to it indefinitely.