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March 10, 2022
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3.12.1 (released March 5, 2022)
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Release Notes Published

  • New: No more "Potentially Out of Sync"! Or, at least a lot less of it. Now, when the app detects you may be out of sync with the server, it will do the smart thing and talk with the server to try to figure out and correct the discrepancy automatically. In rare cases where the discrepancy couldn't be auto-resolved, you'll see the out of sync message, instructing you to sign out and back in.
  • New: Markdown Visual editor, now in beta. To enable this editor, you must have the Plus or Pro plan. Then head to Preferences > General > Labs, and enable Markdown Visual. This editor will now appear in your editor menu.
    • Markdown Visual is a new WYSIWYG-style Markdown editor that renders Markdown in preview-mode while you type without displaying any syntax. It's based on the open-source Milkdown editor.
  • Improved: Search options now appear as bubbles when you start searching, rather than as a separate menu. This allows you to ensure you're searching with the most relevant options.
    • As a reminder, protected notes' contents are not searched by default. To search those contents, toggle the "Protected Contents" bubble.