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March 10, 2022
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v3.14.0 (released March 10, 2022)
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3.14.1 Release Notes

  • Fixed: Disable encrypted spellchecker introduced in 3.14.0 due to performance issues on Windows. We'd like to take our time investigating a solution and would prefer to quickly revert the newly introduced feature than to allow for degraded performance for an unknown amount of time.

3.14.0 Release Notes

  • New: Workspaces! Power users can now work with multiple accounts in the same application window. Workspaces let you create separate contexts for work, personal, and other accounts. Each workspace is tied to its own account.
    • We plan on working on state persistence soon, so that you pick up right where you left off when you switch workspaces (remembering which tag and note you were on, etc).
    • You can also sign into the same account across multiple workspaces if you so choose.
    • For paid features, each account requires its own subscription. However, we plan on working on the ability to share a single subscription between multiple accounts.
    • Workspaces are available on desktop and web only, and will come to mobile soon.
  • New: Fine-grained Privacy controls in Preferences > Security > Privacy.
    • You'll now have the ability to disable sign-in notification emails (these emails require a paid account), and the ability to disable user agent persistence for your account sessions for increased privacy.
  • New: The ability to control whether adding a subtag to a note adds all parent tags recursively. By default, adding a subtag will add all parent tags to the note. But you can turn off this behavior via Preferences > General > Defaults > Add all parent tags when adding a nested tag to a note. This preference will also sync automatically to the mobile app (v3.14.0+).
  • New: Encrypted spellchecker. Now, we'll encrypt the custom dictionary file used when you add a word from the spellchecker to your dictionary ("Learn spelling", "Add to dictionary", depending on platform). This file is automatically managed and created by the Electron framework, but we've taken it a step further by adding a layer of encryption on the file. (This file is located in the directory accessible via Help > Open data directory)
  • Improved: Removed Bugsnag crash-reporting library altogether for improved general privacy. Previously, error reporting was disabled by default, and required opt-in participation. We'll share a blog post soon about why we made the decision to remove this service altogether, along with other general privacy and security improvements we've made.
  • Improved: Themeing updates to the Markdown Visual editor.
  • Fixed: Issue where desktop app editors would sometimes fail to load, requiring an app restart