TensorFlow: v2.0.0-beta0 Release

Release date:
August 6, 2019
Previous version:
v2.0.0-alpha0 (released May 22, 2020)
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299 total committers
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609 Features Released with v2.0.0-beta0

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Release Notes Published

Release 2.0.0-beta0

Major Features and Improvements

TensorFlow 2.0 focuses on simplicity and ease of use, featuring updates like:

  • Easy model building with Keras and eager execution
  • Robust model deployment in production on any platform
  • Powerful experimentation for research
  • API simplification by reducing duplication and removing deprecated endpoints

The feature improvements, fixes noted here are post TF 2.0 Alpha release. Please refer to Alpha release notes in case you missed it.

For information on upgrading your existing TensorFlow 1.x models, please refer to our Upgrade and Migration guides. We have also released a collection of tutorials and getting started guides, and an Effective Style Guide for TF 2.0 For more information on these community-driven changes, be sure to check out the RFCs we have on Github. If you care about details, all of the RFCs are important.


  • Distribution Strategy: TF 2.0 users will be able to use the new tf.distribute.Strategy API to distribute training with minimal code changes, yielding good out-of-the-box performance. We have more strategies supported in the beta release, as well as improved support for custom training loops and Keras subclassed models. Check out the guide to see what’s supported now.
  • API Freeze: Symbol renaming/deprecation and 2.0 API changes are complete. 2.0 API is final and is also available as part of the TensorFlow 1.14 release in compat.v2 module. A list of all symbol changes can be found here

Breaking Changes

  • tf.contrib has been deprecated, and functionality has been either migrated to the core TensorFlow API, to tensorflow/addons, or removed entirely.
  • Premade estimators in the tf.estimator.DNN/Linear/DNNLinearCombined family have been updated to use tf.keras.optimizers instead of the tf.compat.v1.train.Optimizers. If you do not pass in an optimizer= arg or if you use a string, the premade estimator will use the keras optimizer. This is checkpoint breaking, as the optimizers have separate variables. A checkpoint converter tool for converting optimizers is included with the release, but if you want to avoid any change, switch to the v1 version of the estimator: tf.compat.v1.estimator.DNN/Linear/DNNLinearCombined*.

Refer to our public project status tracker and issues tagged with 2.0 on GitHub for insight into recent issues and development progress.

If you experience any snags when using TF 2.0, please let us know at the TF 2.0 Testing User Group. We have a support mailing list as well as weekly testing meetings, and would love to hear your migration feedback and questions.

Bug Fixes and Other Changes

  • tf.data:
    • Adds option for introducing slack in the pipeline to reduce CPU contention, via options = tf.data.Options(); options.experimental_slack = True; dataset = dataset.with_options(options)`
    • Removing the experimental_numa_aware option from tf.data.Options.
    • Add support for TensorArrays to tf.data Dataset.
  • tf.keras:
    • Saving a Keras Model using tf.saved_model.save now saves the list of variables, trainable variables, regularization losses, and the call function.
    • tf.keras.estimator.model_to_estimator now supports exporting to tf.train.Checkpoint format, which allows the saved checkpoints to be compatible with model.load_weights.
    • tf.keras.model.save_model and model.save now defaults to saving a TensorFlow SavedModel.
    • OMP_NUM_THREADS is no longer used by the default Keras config. To configure the number of threads, use tf.config.threading APIs.
    • Mark Keras set_session as compat.v1 only
  • tf.estimator:
    • Replace tf.contrib.estimator.add_metrics with tf.estimator.add_metrics
  • tf.lite:
    • "Update the TFLiteConverter API in 2.0. Changes from_concrete_function to from_concrete_functions."
    • "Add support for tflite_convert in 2.0."
  • tf.contrib:
    • Expose tf.contrib.proto.* ops in tf.io (they will exist in TF2)
  • Other:
    • Eliminate race condition during XLA convolution autotuning.
    • Bug fix for tf.tile gradient
    • TF code now resides in tensorflow_core and tensorflow is just a virtual pip package. No code changes are needed for projects using TensorFlow, the change is transparent.
    • Added gradient for SparseToDense op.
    • Expose a flag that allows the number of threads to vary across Python benchmarks.
    • ResourceVariable's gather op supports batch dimensions.
    • image.resize in 2.0 now supports gradients for the new resize kernels.
    • removed tf.string_split from v2 API.
    • Variadic reduce is supported on CPU Variadic reduce is supported on CPU
    • Added GPU implementation of tf.linalg.tridiagonal_solve.
    • Delete unused lookup table code.
    • Going forward we operate in TF 2.0, this change is part of the effort to slowly converting XYZDataset to DatasetV2 type which is the official version going to be used in TF 2.0 and motivated by some compatibility issue found, _BigtableXYZDataset (of type DatasetV2) does not implement the _as_variant_tensor() of DatasetV1, when moving contrib.bigtable to tensorflow_io. Converting into DatasetV2 removes the overheads to maintain V1 while we are moving into TF 2.0.
    • Remove unused StringViewVariantWrapper.
    • Delete unused Fingerprint64Map op registration.
    • Add broadcasting support to tf.matmul.
    • Add ellipsis (...) support for tf.einsum().
    • ResourceVariable support for gather_nd.
    • Add expand_composites argument to all nest.* methods.
    • Standardize the LayerNormalization API by replacing the args norm_axis and params_axis with axis.
    • Add a new "result_type" parameter to tf.strings.split.
    • add_update can now be passed a zero-arg callable in order to support turning off the update when setting trainable=False on a Layer of a Model compiled with run_eagerly=True.
    • Added tf.random.binomial.
    • Extend tf.function with basic support for CompositeTensors arguments (such as SparseTensor and RaggedTensor).
    • Add name argument to tf.string_split and tf.strings_split
    • Added strings.byte_split
    • Add num_parallel_reads and passing in a Dataset containing filenames into TextLineDataset and FixedLengthRecordDataset
    • "Remove lite.OpHint, lite.experimental, and lite.constant from 2.0 API."
    • CUDNN_INSTALL_PATH, TENSORRT_INSTALL_PATH, NCCL_INSTALL_PATH, NCCL_HDR_PATH are deprecated. Use TF_CUDA_PATHS instead which supports a comma-separated list of base paths that are searched to find CUDA libraries and headers.
    • Add RaggedTensor.placeholder()
    • Add pfor converter for Squeeze.
    • Renamed tf.image functions to remove duplicate "image" where it is redundant.
    • Add C++ Gradient for BatchMatMulV2.
    • Set default loss reduction as AUTO for improving reliability of loss scaling with distribution strategy and custom training loops. AUTO indicates that the reduction option will be determined by the usage context. For almost all cases this defaults to SUM_OVER_BATCH_SIZE. When used in distribution strategy scope, outside of built-in training loops such as tf.keras compile and fit, we expect reduction value to be 'None' or 'SUM'. Using other values will raise an error.
    • parallel_for.pfor: add converters for Softmax, LogSoftmax, IsNaN, All, Any, and MatrixSetDiag.
    • parallel_for: add converters for LowerTriangularSolve and Cholesky.
    • Add ragged tensor support to tf.squeeze
    • Allow LinearOperator.solve to take a LinearOperator.
    • Allow all dtypes for LinearOperatorCirculant.
    • Introduce MaxParallelism method
    • parallel_for: add converter for BroadcastTo.
    • Add LinearOperatorHouseholder.
    • Added key and skip methods to random.experimental.Generator.
    • Adds Philox support to new stateful RNG's XLA path.
    • Update RaggedTensors to support int32 row_splits.
    • Add TensorSpec support for CompositeTensors.
    • Added partial_pivoting input parameter to tf.linalg.tridiagonal_solve.
    • Extend tf.strings.split to support inputs with any rank
    • Improve the performance of datasets using from_tensors().
    • Add tf.linalg.tridiagonal_mul op.
    • Add LinearOperatorToeplitz.
    • Added gradient to tf.linalg.tridiagonal_solve.
    • Removed TensorFlow Lite Android example (moved to new examples repo).
    • Updating TF 2.0 keras.backend.name_scope to use TF 2.0 name_scope.
    • Upgraded LIBXSMM to version 1.11.
    • parallel_for: add converters for LogMatrixDeterminant and MatrixBandPart.
    • Promoting tf.data.experimental.enumerate_dataset to core as tf.data.Dataset.enumerate.
    • Uniform processing of quantized embeddings by Gather and EmbeddingLookup Ops
    • Integrate Ragged Tensors with tf.data.
    • Correct a misstatement in the documentation of the sparse softmax cross entropy logit parameter.
    • parallel_for: Add converters for OneHot, LowerBound, UpperBound.
    • Added GPU implementation of tf.linalg.tridiagonal_matmul.
    • Add gradient to tf.linalg.tridiagonal_matmul.
    • Add tf.ragged.boolean_mask.
    • tf.switch_case added, which selects a branch_fn based on a branch_index.
    • The C++ kernel of gather op supports batch dimensions.
    • Promoting unbatch from experimental to core API.
    • Fixed default value and documentation for trainable arg of tf.Variable.
    • Adds tf.enable_control_flow_v2() and tf.disable_control_flow_v2()
    • EagerTensor now support buffer interface for tensors.
    • This change bumps the version number of the FullyConnected Op to 5.
    • tensorflow : crash when pointer become nullptr.
    • Add support for defaulting the value of cycle_length argument of tf.data.Dataset.interleave to the number of schedulable CPU cores.
  • Minor docs fix for is_gpu_available.
  • Fix multiline magic.

Thanks to our Contributors

This release contains contributions from many people at Google, as well as:

4d55397500, a6802739, abenmao, Adam Richter, Ag Ramesh, Albin Joy, Alex, Aman Patel, Amit, Amit Kumar Jaiswal, Amit Srivastava, Andreas Eberle, Anthony Hsu, Anthony Platanios, Anuj Rawat, arp95, Arpit Shah, Astropeak, Augustina Ragwitz, Aurelien Geron, AuréLien Geron, avasid, aweers, Ayush Agrawal, Bairen Yi, Bayberry Z, Ben Barsdell, bhack, Bharat Raghunathan, Bhavani Subramanian, Bin Fan, blairhan, BléNesi Attila, Bodin-E, Bryan Cutler, Cao Zongyan, chenchc, Cheng Chang, chengchingwen, chie8842, Christian Hansen, Christian Sigg, Christoph Boeddeker, Christopher Yeh, Clayne Robison, crafet, ctiijima, Daniel Rasmussen, Daniel Salvadori, David Norman, delock, Deven Desai, Donovan Ong, Duncan Dean, Duncan Riach, Dustin Neighly, Edward Forgacs, EFanZh, Evgeniy Polyakov, FAIJUL, Fangjun Kuang, Federico Martinez, Fei Hu, Filip Matzner, FlashTek, Fred Reiss, Fredrik Knutsson, Geoffrey Irving, George Sterpu, Grzegorz Pawelczak, Guozhong Zhuang, Gu rpreet Singh, Gyoung-Yoon Ryoo, Hanton Yang, Haraldur TóMas HallgríMsson, Huan Li (李卓桓), I-Hong, Irene Dea, Jacky, Jason Zaman, Jason Zavaglia, Jeff Daily, Jeffrey Poznanovic, jer, Jeroen BéDorf, jerryyin, jhalakp, jiakai, Jonathan, Justin Dujardin, Justin Tunis, Kaixi Hou, Karthik Muthuraman, Kay Zhu, KDR, Keno Fischer, Kevin Mader, Kilaru Yasaswi Sri Chandra Gandhi, Koan-Sin Tan, Lakshay Tokas, leonard951, Letian Kang, Li, Guizi, Lukas Geiger, luxupu, lvli, Ma, Guokai, Mahmoud Abuzaina, Maksym Kysylov, Mandar Deshpande, Margaret Maynard-Reid, Mark Ryan, Matt Conley, Mihail Salnikov, Mikalai Drabovich, Mike Holcomb, monklof, Moses Marin, Mr. Metal, Mshr-H, nammbash, Nathan Luehr, Neeraj Pradhan, Nick, Nick Lewycky, Niels Ole Salscheider, Niklas SilfverströM, Niranjan Hasabnis, Nuka-137, omeir1, P Sudeepam, Pan Daoxin, Pariksheet Pinjari, Pasquale Minervini, Patrick J. Lopresti, Pavel Akhtyamov, PENGWA, PeterLee, Philipp Jund, Pooya Davoodi, Pranav Marathe, R S Nikhil Krishna, Rohit Gupta, Roland Zimmermann, Roman Soldatow, rthadur, Ruizhe, saishruthi, Sami Kama, Sana-Damani, sdamani, Sean Morgan, seanshpark, Sebastien Iooss, Sergii Khomenko, Serv-Inc, Shashank Gupta, shashvat, Shashvat Chand Shahi, Siju Samuel, smilu97, sremedios, srinivasan.narayanamoorthy, Subin, Sumesh Udayakumaran, sunway513, sxwang, Takeo Sawada, Taylor Jakobson, Ted Chang, ThisIsIsaac, Thomas Deegan, Thomas Hagebols, Tim Zaman, Tongxuan Liu, Trent Lo, Trevor Morris, TungJerry, Tyorden, v1incent, Vijay Ravichandran, Viktor Gal, Vincent, Vishnuvardhan Janapati, wangsiyu, wateryzephyr, Wen-Heng (Jack) Chung, wenxizhu, Will Battel, William D. Irons, wyzhao, Xiaoming (Jason) Cui, Xiaoquan Kong, Xin, Yann-Yy, Yasuhiro Matsumoto, ymodak, Yong Tang, Yuan (Terry) Tang, Zantares, 王振华 (Zhenhua Wang), 黄