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March 10, 2022
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v3.20.0-beta.1 (released March 10, 2022)
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Release Notes Published

Read more about this release in our feature blog post: The Changelog | Episode 3.20: Encrypted File Storage with Automated Backups


  • New: Encrypted file storage. Now you can drag and drop to upload any kind of file directly to your Standard Notes account. It will be end-to-end encrypted and synced with the rest of your devices.
    • Files like images, videos, and PDFs can be previewed directly in Standard Notes.
    • Use the left and right arrow keys while previewing a file to go to the previous/next image or file.
    • Files focuses on a great "outside-of-editor" experience, and does not currently support embedding encrypted files directly inside of an editor. However, files can be "associated" with a note.
      • In a near term upcoming release, you'll be able to tag files, so that you don't have to associate them with notes at all, but instead have them navigable via the tags/folders paradigm.
  • New: Encrypted file backups. When you enable file backups from Preferences > Backups > File Backups, files uploaded on any device are automatically pulled in and saved in encrypted form to a folder on your computer. This folder can be an ordinary folder, or it can be a networked folder like Dropbox or Drive.
  • New: Private workspaces. These workspaces are normal accounts, but whose email is generated pseudorandomly based on private input. Learn more about private workspaces.
  • New: Option to sign out of all workspaces.
  • New: Ability to switch workspaces directly from the lock screen.
  • New: Modernized design for lock and authentication screens.
  • New: When you enable Use system color scheme from the Appearance preferences, we'll now present a toast notification in the bottom right corner of the app before we switch your theme. This allows you to prevent the application from switching to your night or day theme if you are temporarily using some other theme for the particular mood you may be in.
  • New: The Markdown Visual editor (now the "Dynamic Markdown" note type) is now out of beta and into wide release.
    • We have another exciting new editor/note type in the works related to task management that we think you're going to love!


  • Improved: Editors are now referred to as "Note Types" in the UI. Editors have also been renamed to match this paradigm. For example, whereas previously you would create a note and set it's editor to Markdown Visual, now you'd create a note and set its type to "Dynamic Markdown" or "Markdown with Math". We find the concept of describing what a note does rather than what editor it uses to be more intuitive for unfamiliar users.
  • Improved: General improvements to our conflict handling architecture.


  • Fixed: issue on Safari where folder names would appear dimmed.

Subscription Changes

  • We've simplified our plan offering to only two paid plans instead of three. You'll now have the option between Plus and Pro. Plus gives you all of Standard Notes features without restriction, but only 100mb of file storage, and Pro gives you everything in Plus as well as 100gb of file storage. In addition, Pro accounts will soon allow subscription sharing with up to 5 accounts.
  • If you purchased a Core plan previously (for $29/year), congratulations, you're now on the Plus plan! You won't have to pay anything additional, and your plan will renew for the same price you signed up at.
  • If you're an existing Plus user, congratulations, you've now gained all of what Standard Notes has to offer, including TokenVault and spreadsheets.
  • As promised, two-factor authentication is now a free feature available for all accounts.

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