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June 2, 2022
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3.20.2 (released June 2, 2022)
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This repository is moving to This release will be the last release on the standardnotes/desktop repo.


  • Improved: Streamlined note type selection menu that removes category headers for an easier to use layout.
  • Improved: New "Cancel multiple selection" option when selecting multiple items, for a convenient way to exit multiple selection mode.
  • Improved: Modernized design for editing disabled banner.
  • Improved: File previews for videos now play automatically after they finish loading.


  • Fixed: Issue where creating a note while in a smart view would immediately deselect the note and remove it from view.
  • Fixed: Issue where main Notes view would not be selected upon app launch.
  • Fixed: Issue with scrolling upwards in an image preview while zoomed in.


  • Refactor: Replaces Preact with React for better interoperability and consistency.
  • Refactor: Changes the notes list to be generic, to prepare for the ability to display and select files in the main navigation layout. With this in place, you'll soon be able to browse your files via a new "Files" smart view, as well as the ability to multiple-select and manage files in bulk. You'll also be able to create custom smart views for displaying files matching certain criteria. We expect this feature to be ready for the next release. After that's in place, we'll begin working on the ability to tag files, so you can organize your files into tags/folders, without the need to use notes as the organizing measure.