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We help Managers, Executives, and Developers understand code activity on a deeper level. Create the most happy & productive version of your team ‍💖

GitClear reviews and summarizes your code, teasing out the fraction of work that has a meaningful impact on the code base.
The "Domain Experts" report is amazing.

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GitClear amplifies the bang-per-buck you get from your engineering budget. We analyze your existing Git data to find actionable opportunities. The biggest difference between GitClear and its competitors is data quality.

When you need code data and insights that your developers can trust, you can't settle for traditional, easily gameable metrics like "commit count" or "issues resolved". You need consistent, reliable data. GitClear makes it possible.

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GitClear has been an invaluable tool for us as it allows my leadership team to have in-depth insight into the performance of their developers who are geographically spread through out the world. I would have far less confidence in my understanding of my organization without it.
- Rocket Williams, VP Engineering at Trintech

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GitClear makes software development work in Stampede Solution more measurable. We are able to recognize our top developers and help those who aren't contributing as much as they should. It helps inspire the entire team to get more work done with actionable insights and reliable information.
- Derek Chan, Engineering Manager at Stampede Solution

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