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March 24, 2022
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v1.6.1 (released November 17, 2021)
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Release Notes Published


The 1.7.0 release adds new features and fixes some of the known issues with previous releases. Please see the test report for more information. Note that new features follow these maturity definitions as it pertains to alpha, beta, or GA.

Key Features and Improvements


The IPv6 pool allocation changes allow the assignment of a block of IPv6 prefixes for user devices. This feature also enables IPv6 static allocation to enable the assignment of an IPv6 prefix to an IMSI in subscriberDB. With this new implementation, Magma will support IPv4, IPv4v6, and IPv6 APN types. Documentation can be found here.

5G SA Fixed Wireless Access (Alpha)

One of the focus areas for the 1.7 release of Magma is to introduce the 5G SA core network components. From the grounds up it is designed with flexibility, reusability and keeping cloud native technologies in mind. This release puts up the foundation for 5G core network technologies which will be used in upcoming releases to provide end-to-end solutions for various deployments. Since this is an alpha feature, review the known issues section of the notes and test report prior to using this feature. Documentation is available for swagger implementation and headless install and support is available in the Wavelabs 5G Slack channel. Key features include: * Mobility Management Procedures (UE Registration, De-Registration, Authentication, Security Mode procedures with SUCI & GUTI registration) * Session Management Procedures (PDU Session Establishment, Release and related procedures) * Service Procedures via CPE (Service Request/Accept) * Idle Mode support & Paging * Traffic for UL/DL directions * Enabling/disabling 5G and AMF configurations via swagger API * SubscriberDB extension for a “forbidden list” to give operators flexibility on level of service for subscribers

5G NSA Fixed Wireless Access (Beta)

5G NSA bridges the connectivity gap between a 5G compatible UE and the magma core. This feature was previously released in v1.5 but enhancements and updates have been made to supplementary messages, layers and services. Further details are available here.

Docker Access Gateway (Alpha)

This feature enables containerized access gateways that are deployed via docker-compose files and orchestrated by Kubernetes. This feature can be deployed via Amazon Web Services. This is an alpha feature and can be prone to bugs. If you experience library dependency issues, backport this pull request or utilize the Slack channel. Documentation can be found here.

GTP Echo

GPRS Tunneling Protocol echo requests are used for path management purposes and error indication messages for exception handling. Error indication messages can be used to inform the other GTP entity that there is no EPS bearer from a received user-plane packet.

Inbound Roaming - Dedicated Bearer

Roaming support allows mobile users from one operator network to access services while visiting areas outside their network coverage. This can support multiple scenarios. Magma Partner Network uses Magma services for MME, HSS(Subscriberdb), SGW, PGW, and provides local breakout of data traffic. Roaming Partner Network uses all non-Magma services, and provides “federation” for S6a and S8 interface to support RPN users roaming to MPN network. Feature documentation can be found here.

Domain Proxy

The Domain Proxy feature is an application whose purpose is to communicate to eNodeBs with SAS, send requests to SAS, on their behalf, and maintain their desired state. Documentation can be found here.

S8 Unique TEID

Previously, each AGW on inbound roaming had its own GTP-U interface which means that on networks with multiple AGWs, the remote PGW will have to be configured each time a new AGW is added. To solve this, a GTP aggregator has been implemented that can be seen as a single SGW-U from the remote PGW. Documentation is available here.

Tracking Area Update (TAU)

This feature enhances the AGW to be able to support tracking area procedures when a UE enters a new tracking area. Prior to this, magma only supported periodic tracking area updates where the MME rejects the TAU request received with EPS update type “TA updating”.

CI Testing Results

Hardware-in-the-loop (HIL)

Known Issues

  • Wavelabs 5G CI: For test cases 7 and 9 there is a negative case where GUTI is corrupted resulting in a new registration to be sent (#10056). There is a proposed fix for TC9 with PR#11995 to add implicit deregistration support.
  • Wavelabs 5G CI: When multiple sessions are created simultaneously it can take subscriberDB a few seconds to share the DNN and AMBR information. Due to DNN mismatch this can cause the PDU session to fail. Issue and proposed changes captured on Issue #11523 for TeraVM and Issue #11429 for Spirent.
  • Wavelabs 5G CI: TeraVM periodic registration idle mode failure (#11236) Known bug with tracking area accept being sent on some TeraVM runs (#12114). This issue is resolved with pull requests #11995 and #12275.
  • MME memory leak issues (link). These fixes will be backported for 1.7.1.
  • FeG diameter client bug which can block response handle indefinitely. Already fixed on master. (link)
  • Docker AGW installations for 1.7 can experience library dependency issues. These are fully fixed in master and will be in 1.7.1. (#12278)
  • Error creating new organization in NMS (#12346)

Fresh Installation Logs

Orc8r Upgrade

Previous upgrade instructions published for v1.6.0 are still valid and relevant for the upgrade from v1.6.1 to v1.7.0 Upgrade Logs * 1.6.1 > 1.7.0

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