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June 25, 2021
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v1.5.1 (released June 4, 2021)
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The Magma 1.5.2 (Fuji) minor release contains fixes for some known issues reported for the v1.5 and v1.5.1 release. See the release page and test report for more information

Known Issues

  • IPFIX records have been validated to work on v1.5.2 however, all flows might not be captured successfully at the collector. This is a known issue and will be addressed in later releases.
  • GTP-U Echo Request/Response for Inbound Roaming are not currently supported (GTP-U Echo Requests are supposed to be responded to by the AGW). If remote PGWs are configured with an inactivity timer, devices idle for longer than the S8 inactivity timer may not have a corresponding S8 bearer upon transitioning to the active state. This feature will be supported in subsequent releases. NOTE: Echo Requests/Responses are supported on GTP-C since v1.4.
  • Please refer to the v1.5 and v1.5.1 release notes for additional details

Fresh Installation

For fresh gateway installs, please use the following install scripts. Note that the install scripts vary by the preferred OS based on which the gateway is deployed.

  • Ubuntu bash wget chmod +x ./
  • Debian bash wget chmod +x ./

Upgrade Notes

Cloud Upgrade

  • Cloud upgrade is supported from v1.3 as well as v1.4
  • Terraform version 0.14.5 is recommended for orc8r upgrades. Current terraform scripts are not compatible with terraform 0.15.0.
  • Due to the database unification for NMS and orc8r, orc8r upgrades have two pre-requisite tasks:
    • DB Migration - Please refer to instructions on GitHub for the migration. Note that the migration MUST happen prior to executing the terraform upgrade.
    • Terraform sanitization - references to NMS DB need to be removed from the file. Further, the dialect for the orc8r DB needs to be specified. Please refer to the example located here.
  • Please note that the orc8r file should reference orc8r helm chart version - 1.5.21
  • In v1.5, a new pre-defined alert has been added to raise a critical alert when excessive duplicate attach requests are received at the gateway or if the SCTPD service restarts multiple times (this was introduced in v1.4). In order to start receiving these alarms, it is necessary to click on the β€œSync Pre-Defined alerts” in the NMS window for every network defined in the orc8r. Syncing the alerts once on the NMS does not replicate the behavior to other networks managed by the same NMS.

Access Gateway

  • Repo Change - In Magma Fuji (v1.5), Magma artifacts are now hosted on the new Magmacore repositories. Gateways migrating from older Magma releases should run the migration script to update the sources accordingly. This repository currently supports both Debian and Ubuntu OS flavors (please note that Fuji is the last release for Debian).

To upgrade an existing AGW, please run the following upgrade script. bash wget chmod +x ./upgrade_magma_sh Note for 1.3.3 to 1.5.2 please select β€˜Yes’ to install Wireshark; this is essential for the call tracing feature.

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Image Version

  • Debian > 1.5.2-1624383772-562baa62
  • Ubuntu > 1.5.2-1624485681-ae972900

Critical bug fixes

  • Added fix to restart pipelineD service after uplink br reconfig (#7695 )
  • Fixed #7496, instabilities in Diameter links Gx/Gy configured TCP port to a DRA (#7637)
  • Fixed datapath bring up patch-up port inconsistencies on startup (#7659)
  • Gracefully handle missing IPv4 address on S8 interface (#7656)
  • Fixed NMS users & organizations not being created (#7651)
  • Backported #7545 and #7616 to provide support to service identifier on FeG (#7612)
  • Patched RYU Python 3.8 only for ubuntu (#7615)
  • Removed rule map entry in rule Deactivate call in the Pipelined service (#7539)
  • Backported a s8_proxy for the issue described in #7549 where Update Location Information on create session request at s8 was sending wrong MCC (in fact it was sending MNC two times) (#7571)
  • Added a fix to the PipelineD service to use the correct IP address value to get hash entry (#7526)
  • Fixed this issue #7343, by appending a suffix to the APN sent by the UE during the Create Session Request on inbound roaming case. (#7378)
  • Limit checking all ConntrackD events to only those which match the zone set by OVS (#7357)

Other fixes

  • Minor fix to NMS placeholder URL for HE (#7705)
  • Added fix to make organization query in the NMS case insensitive (#7677)
  • Added sending PLMN of MME within serving network in Create Session Request (#7597)
  • Updated AGW upgrade script with β€˜force’ parameters (#7505)