Magma: v1.5.1 Release

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July 8, 2021
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v1.5.0 (released May 24, 2021)
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Authored May 13, 2021
Authored May 13, 2021

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Release Notes Published

Magma v1.5.1 Release Notes (Fuji)


The Magma 1.5.1 (Fuji) minor release contains fixes for some known issues reported for the v1.5 release. See the release page and test report for more information.

Known Issues

Please refer to the v1.5 release notes

Upgrade Notes

Cloud Upgrade

  • Cloud upgrade is supported from v1.3 as well as v1.4
  • Terraform version 0.14.5 is recommended for orc8r upgrades. Current terraform scripts are not compatible with terraform 0.15.0.
  • Due to the database unification for NMS and orc8r, orc8r upgrades have two pre-requisite tasks:
    • DB Migration - Please refer to instructions on GitHub for the migration. Note that the migration MUST happen prior to executing the terraform upgrade.
    • Terraform sanitization - references to NMS DB need to be removed from the file. Further, the dialect for the orc8r DB needs to be specified. Please refer to the example located here.
  • Please note that the orc8r file should reference orc8r helm chart version - 1.5.21
  • Starting with v1.5, a new pre-defined alert has been added to raise a critical alert when excessive duplicate attach requests are received at the gateway or if the SCTPD service restarts multiple times (this was introduced in v1.4). In order to start receiving these alarms, it is necessary to click on the β€œSync Pre-Defined alerts” in the NMS window for every network defined in the orc8r. Syncing the alerts once on the NMS does not replicate the behavior to other networks managed by the same NMS.

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Access Gateway

  • Repo Change - Starting with Magma Fuji (v1.5), Magma artifacts are now hosted on the new Magmacore repositories. Gateways migrating from older Magma releases can run the migration script to update the sources accordingly. This repository currently supports both Debian and Ubuntu OS flavors (please note that Fuji is the last release for Debian).
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Image Versions

  • Debian > 1.5.1-1622832859-484890af
  • Ubuntu > 1.5.1-1622775037-60e10f79

Critical bug fixes

  • Changed API limit of mme_group_id from 255 (8bits) to 65535 (16bits) (#7053)
  • Fixed IPtable rule config to config accumulation of IPtable rules on every service restart (#7151)
  • Added a change to ensure that a credit has >0 quota before un-suspending (#7037)
  • Fixing netmask parsing for Ipv6 address (#6920 (, a regression introduced by (#6712)
  • Added fix to allow AGW installation on server with SGi which has statically allocated IP address (#6832)
  • Added fix to accept eNB-init Reset even without UEs associated (#6808)
  • Added support for adding SGi as a router along with bridged mode for UE traffic (#6695)
  • Fixed bug in handling of non-consecutive TACs in TAI list, where the partial lists were not encoded correctly (#6697)
  • Fixing stale entries on S1AP IMSI directory which was affecting MME performance (#6800)

Other fixes

  • Fixed an AGW python Eventlet dependency (#6772)
  • Cleanup of the AGW deployment to auto-download the post-install script (#6611)
  • AGW: datapath: add dp_probe_cli to the magma package (#7247)
  • Fix logrotate config (#7159)