Magma: v1.3.0 Release

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October 12, 2020
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v1.1.0 (released May 18, 2020)
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Release Notes Published

Durango Release Notes

Release 1.3.0 and 1.3.1 have been depreciated. New installs should use 1.3.2

v1.3.0 (Durango) is a major feature release. See and for upgrade instructions.

What’s new

CDR Export

This release adds support for exporting Charging Data Records (CDRs) based on the IPFix (IP Flow Information Export) protocol. Magma also provides the following additional fields: imsi, msisdn, apn_name, apn_mac, pdp_start_time, app_name.

Gx & Gy interface support for Fixed Wireless Access (FWA)

Magma now supports the Gx and Gy interfaces per 3GPP Diameter protocol for the FWA use-case. Notable new features are:

  • Final Unit Action - Restriction (FUA): Upon exhaustion of subscriber quota, this feature enables restriction of service based on pre-configured static rules.
  • ASR/ASA message exchange

This release also includes several bug fixes to stabilize:

  • Gx Usage Monitor lifecycle management and credit accounting
  • Gx/Gy usage reporting updates to only occur one at a time

APN Correction

This feature enables the overriding of UE requested APN with a network specified APN via IMSI prefix based filtering. Up to 10 IMSI prefix filters and corresponding APNs to overwrite with can be defined.

PLMN Restriction

This feature allows PLMN based filtering on subscribers that are allowed to authenticate with the configured HSS.

SMS Delivery

This new feature was added to support delivery of mobile-terminated SMS (i.e., receive-only SMS) to allow operators to deliver alerts to users. We have introduced a new mode of operation for the MME which is essentially β€œSMS-in-MME” mode in the 3GPP specification, with delivery coordinated by the Orchestrator. We mostly re-use infrastructure for the SGs interface used for CSFB support. Magma provides REST endpoints for provisioning SMS messages and checking their delivery status.

NMS Enhancements

  • Added the ability to enable/disable eNodeB dhcp service on the gateways. This was added to support unmanaged eNodeBs.
  • Included in this release is the user workflow for supporting UE IP address management. This document describes how to configure the available options using the Orchestrator API and the JSON editor
  • Some known bugs in the workflow for adding federated fixed wireless (feg_lte) networks were fixed

Notable Fixes

  • IPv6-only session requests were causing stability issues and inconsistent states across UE, MME and session manager. The fixes introduced in v1.3 resolve these instability issues by properly rejecting IPv6-only session requests, rejecting duplicate sessions for the same APN, and properly handling session rejections from UE side.
  • Idle-mode handling for multi-APN and dedicated bearer cases: In the previous versions, when a UE switched from idle mode to connected mode, S1 context was restored only for the first PDN session with its default bearer. Network initiated bearer requests were also not handled when the UE was in idle mode. In v1.3, when a UE is switched from idle mode to connected mode, S1 context for all sessions with their default and dedicated bearers are restored. Network initiated bearer requests are also handled by first paging the UE and then completing the bearer requests.
  • Partial reset handling: MME was ignoring the partial reset messages from eNB for implicitly detached UEs. Therefore, eNB was continuously sending the partial Reset message. v1.3 supports acknowledgement of partial reset messages.
  • ICS (initial context setup) timer expiry leading to implicit detach was not handled properly, causing stale entries at the MME and assertion failures. v1.3 properly sends the UE context release request and clears up UE context.
  • Headless support for subscriberdb: If the AGW lost connectivity to Orchestrator, the subscriberdb RPC servicer failed to start and all attach requests would be rejected. v1.3 makes sure the RPC servicer continues to run as long as there are subscribers in the local data-store.

Known Issues

  • SMS delivery reports are faulty, so all provisioned SMS messages on the Orchestrator API will eventually show a "Failed" delivery status, even if they have been successfully delivered.
  • QoS enforcement: an LTE gateway's apn_resources field cannot be updated while its connected_enodeb_serials field is non-empty. To update the apn_resources field in this situation, use the following workaround:
    • Update the LTE gateway resource to set apn_resources to an empty collection, with connected_enodeb_serials as the desired value
    • Update the resource again to set apn_resources to the desired value, and connected_enodeb_serials as an empty collection
    • Confirm that both fields are set properly on the resource

Both of these known issues have fixes backported onto the release branch for a 1.3.1 bugfix release.